Weird War II
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This is a no-frills, printer-friendly website filled with crap for the Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc. d20 system RPG, Weird War II: Blood on the Rhine. I've tried to keep the "historical" information as fact-based as possible, although I've edited it for functionality and usefulness in the game setting; in other words, it's as accurate as I felt I could make it. Information regarding game mechanics and rules are based on my opinions / interpretations of that data, with additional input and ideas from people in my gaming group, members of the Weird Wars listserv, the creators themselves, and the occasional alien mind-control ray. If you notice something that's definitely wrong, let me know, but if it's just a matter of opinion don't bother me.
The site looks like crap for a reason - it's meant to be printed, not stared at over a high-speed connection. I'll eventually get around to making it look nice, but I'd rather spend my time putting up quality information than making a work of art. Once the site is "finished", I'll think about making it pretty.
Last but not least, nothing on this site is endorsed by PEG Inc., Wizards of the Coast, or anyone else (although Shane has given me a thumbs-up, which is close). If that ever happens, I'll be sure to let you know.


Site News/Updates:

6/9/02 - Site is up!
6/11/02 through 8/15/02- Added all sorts of stuff.
8/20/02 - Just made a Major NPC Tracker form, over on the Helpful Stuff page.
8/27/02 - Changed the burst radius of the various rifle grenades on the pages they appeared on  - they should only be as explosive as hand grenades, as they didn't actually have a much higher explosives content than a standard hand-thrown grenade. I changed them wherever I found them. 
9/9/02 - Added info on the French 25mm AA gun to the Weapons and Equipment page (way at the end), as well as putting it on the compiled weapons table (I removed the 75mm gun to do it, but since that had the same stats as both an AA and AT gun I figured why not).
9/26/02 - I realize I haven't added anything regarding Land of the Rising Dead yet - it's because I'm too damn poor to buy the book at the moment, and I disagree with some of the stats on the weapons list PEG put up on their website a few days ago, and hence don't want to commit to anything until I've got the book sitting here. So either send me some cash, or give me awhile, k?

- I updated the Sten entry on the Weapons and Equipment page with the dates of when it (and it's silenced version) were first used.
11/10/02 - Finally got around to putting up an HTML version of the Japanese weapons from the LotRD sourcebook over on the Helpful Stuff page. Leaves a lot to be desired, unfortunately...I'll eventually fix it up.
11/18/02 - Got around to putting up platoon tracker sheets for a light panzer platoon and a motorized panzer grenadier platoon. Over on the German Unit Organization page.
02/24/03 - David sent me some spelling corrections for French weapons and equipment, so I've gone and changed a few things here and there around the site (nothing big, so don't bother re-printing stuff just because I've corrected some spelling mistakes). I've also made an addition/addendum to the "Penetration Values versus Damage Reduction" rule over on the Rules and Errata page, as the way it was written before didn't make a lot of sense in many cases (the rule is basically a "WM's call every time the situation comes up" rule now).
09/23/03 -It's been half a year since I've played Weird Wars now, so there's your reason for why I haven't made any updates, added stuff for the Russian sourcebook or whatever else has come out lately, etc.  Despite that, Jean-Christian Drolet sent me a new character class he made (Legionnaire), which I've put up on the Prestige Classes page.

3/15/04 -Adam Loyd sent me a new prestige class - the Ace.  It's near the bottom of the Prestige Classes page. Thanks Adam!

8/22/05 -Bernd sent me some corrections regarding the Flakvierling, as well as spelling corrections on the Panzerschreck. Thanks! Beyond that I'm still not playing WW, nor have I any intention of playing it...but apparently I'm still updating the website on occasion. :)

8/25/05 -More commentary from Bernd, and more changes I should have made years ago; charger/stripper/M1 clip eratta, a note on the Lee-Enfield, and some other minor stuff.

Note: For page references the following abbreviations are used: WW (Weird War II: Blood on the Rhine), HitH (Hell in the Hedgerows), DfA (Dead from Above), AK (Afrika Korpse), LotRD (Land of the Rising Dead), PH (Psionics Handbook), DMG (Dungeon Master's Guide), PHP (Players Handbook).

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